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Metropolimer Sdn Bhd
C-2-2, Sunway Business
Park, Jalan Todak 4,
13700 Seberang Jaya,
Penang, Malaysia.
The letter in the company name of etropolimer Sdn Bhd, which is the company logo represent the meaning of  'Materials, Machines and Manpower' for all aspect in the production of the plastics packaging materials.

The font and the color purple which is used, represent the involvement of the company in an industry which is dynamic and challenging.
  1. Established in 2009 by our directors with more than 15 years of experience in the plastic packaging industry.
  2. Situated in the industrial area of Kawasan Perindustrian Ringan Juru, Penang
  3. Manufacturer of various types of plastic bags and rolls for the SMI's of Food, Cosmetics, Health, Pharmaceutical, Electronics and other industries
  4. Expert in artwork design such as photo shoot of products for the overall design of the artwork
  5. Using only pure raw materials and approve 'Food Grade' and 'RoHS' Compliance.
  6. Speciallised in SMALL QUANTITY to help all SMI's with their packaging needs

Mission and Vision:

Helping all Malaysian SMI entrepreneurs especially Bumiputra SMI through guidance and FREE advise in the aspect of :

1. Using the Correct and Suitable Plastic Packaging Materials:
helps the products of SMI entrepreneurs to have a longer shelf life in the market in addition to prevent the products from being spoilt, break or bad smell.

2. Branding Through Printing and Design Which is Cost Effective and Attractive:
able to generate interest in the market and consumers in Malaysia and around the world in buying the products of Malaysian SMI's entrepreneurs without any hesitations or worries. This will make their business to grow and be more competitive in a shorter period as compared to the traditional or conservative way of packing their product.

WORKING with the State Agencies and Federal Government to help the Malaysian SMI's especially Bumiputera SMI's to succeed and realising the Mission and Vision of the company as stated above

Our Offers and Advantages:

PRICE *Competitive and according to market rate
*Can be negotiated with quantity
QUANTITY *Small quantity for plain bags
*Minimum 1000pcs/order according to size
QUALITY *100% pure raw materials
*Approved Food Grade
*RoHS Compliance
*Quality control checking before delivery
SERVICES *FREE advise and guidance on the correct usage of plastic packaging materials
*FREE sample for testing
*Helping with Barcode, Lab Test Analysis and Information
*Artwork design
DELIVERY *Deliver whole Malaysia and Singapore
*Short leadtime 7-10 days only (plain bags)
*Short leadtime 4 weeks only (printed bags)

Nylon Food grade Bags

Transparent 3 SS Ziplock Bags

Both side metallised center seal gusset bags

Nylon Bags with Standing Pouch

Both side metallised center seal gusset bags

Both side metallised center seal gusset bags

Nylon Bags with Zipper

Aluminium Foil Sachets

Plain Nylon PET/OPP

Gold Color Alu Foil

White Color Alu Foil

Alu Foil with Standing Pouch

Nylon Bags Frozen n Vacuum

Nylon Bags Frozen

Alu Foil Metalised Nylon Rolls

Nylon Bags Plain

Plain Alu Foil 3 Side-sealed Bags

Nylon Frozen Vacuum Bags

Nylon Foodgrade Vacuum Bags

Gold Aluminium Foil Rolls

Gold Aluminium Foil Bags

Gold & Silver Aluminium Foil Sachets

Giant Size Square Shape Aluminium Foil Bags

Front Side Transparent & Back Side Metallised

Aluminium Foil with Zipper Bags

Aluminium Foil with Header & Hanging Hole Bags

Aluminium Foil Rolls

Aluminium Foil Bags with Standing Pouch

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